Monday, 16 August, 2010

2000 $ Question..

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"Obama signs the Visa hike bill" - This has been the breaking (actually Heart breaking.. ) news for the Indian IT companies last week. Reason?? - not for heart breaking.. that everybody knows.. Reason for hiking the Visa fee. To secure the mexican border. (apdi than American Congress soludhu..). But the real reason behind is well to known to everyone. Reduce Indians from stealing American jobs. Ron Somers has made a mark 'Indian companies are "CHOP SHOPS" '. (Enna koduma saravanan ithu).

Keeping nationalities aside, looking at US as a country and an economic source, it makes me feel "Jesus Christ!" on Obama's decision. Its going to shatter American economy more. There are a lot of reasons on it. Actually Indian companies are helping them by providing cheaper labour (pardon my language :) ). Throwing out Indian companies is like pulling your own legs (vaera maari sollalam.. Inga vaenam..).

Is he planning for more employment for Americans and by that means improve their economy.. phhh... Never gonna happen (ellam eye wash...). Americans never gonna stick to a single job and not definitely softwares. And even Obama cannot feed them. They will eat the country (Tortilla chips ae avlo saapdraanuga). Indirectly  Obama is paving way for improving Indian economy. Most of Software proffessionals in US are above 50 and are workaholics and are different kind of Americans (who wake up at 5:00 and go to bed by 19:00). No young American is going to be benefited of this bill.

This is going to result in any one of the below two.

1. Increase the offshore strength.

2. Again increase offshore strength (by bringing Clients over here).

Choose Mr. Obama. Be our guest...