Wednesday, 28 April, 2010

How to train your Dragon..

How to train your Dragon.. - Last weekend me and my room mates decided to go some movie. I chose "How to train your dragon" and it didn't fail me..

Movie is a 3D one and is more suitable for being one unlike "Avtar". This one looked especially framed for 3D. Not only that but humour too.

"Hiccup" (name itself explains the characterisation) is really a hiccup in the great warriors dynasty who fight dragons and unfortunately son of the leader.

He's not only afraid of fighting dragons but he can't. He accidentally hits a "night mare" which looks out to be the most dangerous dragons alive. When he approaches it, he figures out the way in which the humans are afraid of dragons, dragons do have same scary feel towards humans. With the help of "Night mare", he finds out the ways to attract and train dragons so that they become pets. This helps him out in becoming the winner of internal "Handling Dragon" training. But later when the herd's lead comes to know that he's keeping a dragon as a pet and that alone can get him the place where the dragons are produced. How Hiccup makes his  group understand the true nature of dragons and whether he saves dragons from the group and in turn his group from dragons forms the rest.

What amazes really is the story and the dialogues which really are not just for kids. As already said, 3D too adds a point to this flick. If you have a real thing for 3D and new technologies, give this one a shot.

It's worth it....


  1. we planned to watch few days back.. but plan failed...... should watch it..

  2. Ya.. Hopefully the film will be gud..

    2 Days Back, Watched Toy Story I & II. Although older one, fantastic it was..

    I amazed the following things in the movie:
    a) Although animation, the seriousness Team have got in taking the movie & picking the right spots & sequences.
    b) The continuity of the movie
    c) No scenes can be guessed. That is highly possible & happening in our tamil movies.

    Plz.. Someone from Tamil Industry should rise up & give a break..

    I feel itz an art to direct Animation mvie w/o making u bored.

  3. After reading this, I saw the movie. The movie is really very good and capable of winning oscar 2010 for animation (If Toy story 3 (next PIXAR movie) would not release in 2010) If a movie from PIXAR is released then that is getting the OSCAR.

  4. Pixar deserves it Deepan.. They changed the perception of Animation..

  5. i feel sultan the warrior will change the face of tamil cinema once it is released.. and regarding this post.. i feel that this film is too good .. ur review is also very good for it da.. keep it going.

  6. Sultan the warrior! - I think some time back some promo came.. There also heroism and nothing else.. DO you really think it will change the direction in animation for tamil cinema.. Phew..

  7. toy story 1 and 3 are mind blowing.. toy story 1 got released in 1995, 16 years before.. see the work of Pixar which was started by Steve Jobs, founder of apple. He is the Man...