Monday, 19 April, 2010

Love.. Lust.. and Life..

Love, Lust and Life.. - A recent book I happen to read on my vacation! to Madurai and due to bounty power cuts. But everything's for good. I am attracted to the book and finished in two days. Am a slow reader :)

Book revolves around the story of an orthodox Muslim boy Ameen transforming into what he calls himself  "Pop of lies" before he dies. The book starts from the naive childhood of Ameen, his first crush, actually more of  a friend. His protector type friend Zain, the typical mumbai wala friend Haider and last but not least his lad love Priyanka.

The book portraits the difference between raw mechanical life of Mumbai and the poignant and peaceful life in the so called "Town". The way in which a person transforms from a mother' son to a moron.

More importantly the narration and the characterizations holds the book straight up. The way the book ended may be quite bit a disappointment for a few. But the last few pages shows real colour of India. Especially the following phrase,

            "I am not proud to be an Indian"

To know why, do read the novel.

Note: I learnt quite a few words from this novel. ex; Eunuch.


  1. dont put your contents in dark blue color. It is hard for us to read.

  2. Very useful comment.. Thanks.. I have changed it now. Whoever visits please do post your comments atleast suggestions.

  3. sure will read since its a fiction.. :)