Saturday, 25 September, 2010


Sankarabharanam.. The movie I was longing for a long time (Madhava nee engayo poitada..). I came to my sisters house on a two week stay and guess what! Bingo.. Since travelling from T. Nagar to my office takes 2 hours, I have decided to convert it into 3GP and see it my mobile. Due to some technical difficulties, the audio video sync wasn't proper. So finally today saw it in PC in afternoon and didn't get sleep.

Movie started with the director saying enjoy the ocean of music with us. It really was. I do not like movies simply saying portraying art and forms of art by keeping film in a different direction. But this one is one of its kind and the one of the bests (like "Salangai oli").

A great Carnatic singer of his time is admired by a Vesi (the name used for prostitutes in olden days) recognises the woman's interest in music and gives her refuge when commits a crime. Due to unavoidable circumstances, she leaves the town. She comes back after 20 years and let her son do what she desired to do. Rest of the story is a visual treat.

I don't want to comment on anything as the film maker got the guts in that time to make such a movie. Film do has a few pros and cons. But don't want to zoom into it. See it.. Definitely you will not regret it.

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