Thursday, 3 February, 2011

Best and Worst of 2010.. - The Best part..

Best and Worst of 2010.. - The Best part.. - Lets continue with the best of the things I have experienced in 2010..

Best Novel.. - The best novel I read in 2010 is "Oonjal". The writer is none other than late Writer Sujatha. He still lives in his novels. When I started reading, I got irritated and almost put down it. After sometime, when I continued, it became unputdownable. The story makes a strong impact on how your life turns upside down when you are fit for nothing. The same that happened to Ganguly and Dravid happens to an old man character in this novel. He who spent in lakhs for his daughter's marriage, is unable to even buy the holy thread for his sister's marriage with his outdated "Process Design". The situation comes where he comes he begs his daughter the money she saved for her marriage to make his design a success so that he can earn lakhs and perform his daugther's marriage in a grand manner. As how the process design is outdated, the person who created magics onetime becomes unwanted and out dated to everyone in his old age. Made me realize and visualize the insights of the old man. Sujatha sir.. Hats off to you..

Best Answer.. - In Koffe withKaran,

Karan Johar: If you have become "Ram Gopal Varma" when you wake up from bed, what will you do?

Ajay Devgan: "I will commit suicide".

Best Screenplay: "Toy Story 3" makes me feel to be the best screenplay I have seen in this year. The most entertaining movie I have seen this year. Usually the sequels get stuck in the cliche's and cry for their way out (for example: Dhoom2, Krish, Shrek 4,). But
Toy story 3 excels first two parts and becomes best of the the three. Tom hanks is still the same Woody. Can such a small concept be made into an excellent visual experience. Yes says Pixar. The way the movie is presented in the screen makes it more interesting and the characters still live in our hearts.

Best Movie..- The best movie undoubtedly is "The Social Network". David Fincher has proved once again that he is a master in direction. He could have made the movie boring by making it in a documentary manner. But he doesn't. Put in a great effort to mould the characters that lie in the film. Starting from Mark Zuckerberg to all the characters in the movie have been given proper importance. I have seen the movie twice and never felt as if it's boring.

Best Actor..- I regret for not seeing this movie (actually series of..) for this long. "Pirates of the Carribean" and as you guess the Best actor I have seen this year is none other than our mate "Jack Sparrow"..  sorry sorry.. "Captain Jack Sparrow". There are no words to explain Johnny Depp's involvement in bringing the character alive. One god gifted actor. If you haven't seen it yet, you will regret in your death bed. Don't give it a chance!!


  1. Really da Bharathy.. Ultimate actor..

  2. koffee with karan lam paakuriya ena? anyway ur best list is best...

  3. why did ajay devgan say so?(just for knowledge update:-))