Tuesday, 18 August, 2009

బొమ్మరిల్లు (Bommarillu)

Bommarillu - which hit the cinemas 2 years back and made a good fortune. Not only the collection, it earned a better name. I got to see the movie yesterday (asusual late..). Is it worth the name and fame it gained? Remade in tamil and went well here too (none other than our "Jeyam" Ravi).
The story is explained in the first scene itself. The father who is not letting his son's hand even after 24 years fearing that he may fall down. In contrast to normality, an extra caring father is the problem for the hero in this movie. He gives him more than what he wants. Is it a problem? - asks one of the bypassing characters in the movie. Yes it is......
Siddharth (hero peru) decides two things in his life to be as desired by him.
1. His career
2. His lady love.
If a film is made on the first one, will any one see it? The direrctor is clever about the audience and he picked the second choice. (career - who cares?)..

He sees a girl,flattered by her character,falls in love, yells the love in road, gets caught by his father. The Father asks the son how to believe that the girl is suitable for his family? For that she has to stay a week in their house, the son says. The father accepts (Good family!!!). Then starts బొమ్మరిల్లు..

In tamil I have seen the film and felt a bit disappointed by the acting of both the leads. But in telugu both Siddharth and Genelia did their job quiet well. But what makes the film a blockbuster? The supporting actors.. Especially the father, done by Prakashraj.

Prakash Raj has a hold on the movie and portrays a typical high class నానా (father) .. The way he chooses the best for his son, and atlast while realises how far he influenced his son - Hats off..

As said in the movie, bommarillu is the one man show of a father until he realises everybody should play their role including his son..

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