Saturday, 22 August, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine..

Little Miss Sunshine - Can you guess something from the title? If you guess so, sorry, You're wrong..
I came to know about this movie when I watched the Oscar awards show in 2006. In that this movie was competing with" The Departed" and "The Babel". So I decided to download and see this movie. Unfortunately I dint get a chance.
Two days back when I was chatting with my friend (office la than..), he asked whether I have seen this movie. By that time I got a spark in the mind and decided to see it in two days and saw it.
Coming back to movie.. the story starts with a beauty pageant TV telecast. A little girl (Olive) watches the show eagerly. There's a reason behind that. She's also going to participate in one such pageant!! She regularly rehearses with her grand father for that. Suddenly she comes to know that the last competition she lost is not really lost. The winner of that pageant forefitted and our Olive becomes winner of that and hence she qualifies for "Little Miss Sunshine".
But unfortunately her family is full of losers a spoiled Grand father, a bankrupt father, wanting divorce mother, wanna-be-pilot colour blind brother and a suicide attempt gay uncle. Their family couldn't afford a flight travel and they arrange a self driven bus.
The obstacles they come across and the way they reach to the pageant forms the rest of the story. But the success of the story is its sarcasm. The way it is being told and outcome of it. Its not just a film of a girl who wants to be a beauty queen. It is a story to show only winners are not the successful souls in this world.
The grand father's character is a notable one (got an oscar for best supporting actor). He uses the a beauty pageant itself to show how ugly the world has become because of these shits.
The performance Olive gives in the final round of the pageant to prove her talent is amazing. It doesn't prove her talent. It proves something else.. Do see the movie and understand it.
"Little Miss Sunshine" is a self criticized beauty pageant..

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