Monday, 12 October, 2009

Alice doesn't live here anymore..

Alice doesn't live here anymore.. - A melancholy drama from Martin Scorcesse (Director of "The Aviator", "The Departed", "Taxi Driver", "Good Fellas" etc..). This time he comes up with the story of a single widowed mother, looking for a job for living and gets the most acclaimed job of "Being a wife".
Alice, starts singing in the beginning of the film as a hobby and forced to sing so as to live when her husband dies in an accident. After her husband's funeral, she drives to Phoenix (a place in America), in search of a job as a singer. As a bar owner pities her, he gets her a job as a singer in another bar.
Being single, she gets hit by a guy in the bar and she falls for it. But later when she comes to know that he's already married and his real face, she gets panicked and runs for her life to Tuscon. There she's forced to accept the job of a waitress and goes through a hard time.
Again fate intervenes as she meets another guy, who constantly hits on her. Meanwhile, her son meets a girl, who repeatedly uses the word "weird" and looks like a boy. The remaining plot explains the rest of the story.
By and large, it looks like a normal portrayal of the hardships of a single mother. But Scorcesse clearly depicts the difference in having a husband and not having even though he's an angry idiot. He also shows how children of single mothers get spoiled if not taken care of.
And last but not least he shows..
"Not all men are pigs.."

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