Tuesday, 23 March, 2010


Godavari.. - I happened see this movie last week. Already my friend said that this movie is good when I was conversing with him about "Anadh", which was also a Sekhar Kammula venture. Since all my roomies are telugu I get easy access to telugu movies. One fine night I started seeing the movie.

The film started with a beautiful scene with shore and some preaching in the back ground. The scene that introduces the hero itself is impressive.He wants to be a politician who wants to serve the people. Cliche huh! Nopes.. He gets to the Congress party office (sensor cut... ada karumamae ithu enna ketta vaarthaya?) and expresses his aim. They ask him to get last. When he says he would go and join Telugu Desam party (again censor cut.. devuda...., they fix him an appointment. Next scene our hero goes to TDP and asks for a date. They offer the same as Congress. He refuses and says "I have got appointment with cogress same day.. Can you reschedule!".

Heroine is introduced as a self motivated modern girl, who wants everyone to apologise for their mistakes but she never does. Because she never commits mistakes!!

The hero has a niece (athavathu murapponnu.. english la enna nu therla..) who likes him but never consider him a husband material because he doesn't do any such manly things even offering a hand when she's loaded.
So she's engaged and her marriage is scheduled to happen in Godavari. The heroine for relaxation of a failed alliance, hero for a failed almost called love, a small boy who failed to bring back the money he earned by selling balloons, along with him a dog and another father and daughter who are just added to have some stunt in the movie, all of them travel in the boat to Godavari. Their self realisation and the way the journey decides their life forms the rest of the story.

The characterizations, sequences, especially the cinematagrophy and not but not the leas Kamalini Mukherjee makes this movie a feel good one..

When Kamalini sings "andhamga laena.. asal aem baalaena.. ", you yourself will get angry on the guy who's ignoring her.

Anbe Sivam, a journey which makes the passangers realise what life is and what's their part in it with more earned profit and some amount of cinematic flavour is "Godavari".. Whoever liked movies like "The Terminal", "Happy Days", "It's a wonderful life", please go ahead and download this one.

P.S: I saw this without subtitles. Naan valargiraenae mummy along with my telugu roomies......


  1. A very good movie da.. i have seen it many times now. you failed to mention about that small boy whom our hero helps. and the last sequence when they share their love are too good.. i would recommend you his other movies "Anand" and "Leader"// both are too good :)

  2. In the post I mentioned i guess.. I have seen Anand.. I heard Leader is not soo good.. Anyways I will give a try..

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