Saturday, 12 June, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon..

Dog Day Afternoon.. - This movie, I downloaded long time back and got deleted. Some days back I remembered again and downloaded it again. And it's worth two downloads!

First of all we got Al Pacino here. And one more added advantage, its a Sidney Lumet (Directotr of "12 Angry Men")  picture. So yesterday night I started seeing and couldn't sleep without finishing it.

The movie is about a bank robbery in simple words. But it explains lotsa virtues in that small compact story. An unplanned attempt to rob a bank which turns out to be media festival and a lot more. Sal, Sonny and Steve plan to rob a bank on a hot sun afternoon. At the last moment Stevie gets pissed off and drops the plan. When Sonny burns the register papers of the bank, smoke emerges which in turn brings cops into picture. Consequently media starts concentrating on the incident which brings in FBI. Whether Sonny got what he demanded forms the rest of the story.

The story is a bank robbery but it explains the situation under which a man robs a bank. The pressure a man experiences when you do such a non sense. The way people react and entertain such idiotic acts when you are not on the gun point. This movie portraits lots of characters and emotions which is pictured in a more realistic manner. In total its a very good entertainer as well as a no commercial compromise film.

To end with, this is inspired from a real story... (I gotta doubt.. Where these hollywood directors get these many real stories when ours dint get even one!)

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  1. a lot of movies to watch... and this one too gets added to the queue...