Sunday, 18 July, 2010

Pay it forward..

Pay it forward.. - Many of you would have seen or atleast heard about A.R. Murugadoss's Stalin (starring Chiranjeevi). One of the most crappiest (dunno whether its a word) movies I have ever seen. Okay I got what you are asking. Why are we referring it here? Coming there. The point am making here is that Stalin is based on "Pay it forward". But in no way comparable to it.

The only thing both movies share is that concept "Pay it Forward". Usually when you are offered a help, you wil pay it back. But this movie asks you to "Pay it forward". I think now am making sense.

A seventh grade teacher (my favorite "Kevin Spacey") questions his students what the world expects out of them. A bright kid says nothing. Exactly. Nothing expected from seventh grader. But a lot from a high school kid. What is the position of a kid who reaches high school and unfortunately he doesn't like the world. So the teacher offers the students an assignment to come up with an idea to "Change the world" he way they like it to be.

Trevor takes it serious and finds the concept of "Pay it forward". Help three persons and ask them help three in forward sorry return. Whether it succeeded or went in vain forms the rest of the story. Concept being small, the thing it offers to the world, enormous. Single mother in vegas, drug addicts, Husbands abandoning wives trillion times and the wives who take 'em back when he begs for trillion + 1 th time, people who lives life the same way everyday and a lot more. The way of correlating a person who searches the reason for getting a Jaguar for free and the kid trying to make "Pay it forward" famous makes the movie more interesting.

Only disappointing thing in the movie is the killing of that kid. What did he do to you Mr. Director? Other than that the movie teaches a lot of human values to you. Do see it once than seeing poor concept stealers like Stalin..

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