Friday, 9 July, 2010


Weekend.. - The last weekend was too much fun and was fabulous. I got chance to see 3 movies and guess what? All of them were damn good. I just wanna discuss all of 'em in a single post.

Toy Story 3 - The first one I got to see on saturday evening 6:40 show in INOX. What!  Of course 3D.. We were three and got seated in I row (nah.. not so close..). I have already seen first two parts and was eagerly waiting for the third. Third came as a visual treat as a 3D.

Before going into the movie, the short play "Day and Night" played before that was very good and gets you into the mood. Back to Toy Story. This time the owner Andy has grown up and is about to go college. So as you have guessed, all toys are in the dreams of their Euphoria and wants that time back. But unfortunately Andy decides to take only our cowboy "Woody" only to college. He packs all others to be stored somewhere but accidentally gets into trash and reaches "Day care". There the story is different. An evil toy handles the place and makes new toys to be in hands of children who are not matured enough to handle those toys. The rest is formed with how the toys reach back the owner Andy and a very exciting and happy climax.

I couldn't stop laughing and enjoying throughout the movie (unfortunately technical difficulties spoiled the spirit). The new characters introduced int the movie, the dialogues, the making, the 3D and the powerful story gives 4 out of 5 for sure. For my satisfaction one more :)

Dont get carried away by the picture by the left. Its the original "Karate Kid" and we are going to discuss the new version of 2010. The new version stars "Jaden smith" as "Dre Parker" and "Jackie Chan" as "Mr.Han". Since I haven't seen the old copy and not having much of expectations, started seeing this. But it turned out to be a decent movie with good piece of acting.

Dre parker gets packed to China from US and gets a long face all over China. Accidentally he gets into clash with a bunch local kids and gets hurt. When the second time he's attacked, his flat's maintanence man Mr. Han rescues him. But it puts him into more trouble as if to compete the same karate kids in a local tournament. Mr. Han becomes his GURU and the rest of the story tell what happens in the tournament.

Its a decently acted action movie. Having good sense and no non-sense like "Death Race", "Fantastic Four" and some more load of craps. Nice pass time for your saturday evening.

மிட்டாய் வீடு - கலைஞர் டி. வி. யின் "நாளைய இயக்குனர்" இன் ரசிகன் நான். பாலாஜி.எம். (என் பேறு வச்ச பையன்.. நல்ல தான் எடுப்பான்.) இயக்கிய "மிட்டாய் வீடு" குறிப்பிடத்தகுந்த ஒரு படைப்பு. ஐந்து நிமிடத்தில் உங்கள் மனதை நிறைய வைக்க முடியுமா? முடியும் என்று நிரூபிக்கிறார் இவர். ஒரு மருமகள் (அல்லது ஆகப்போகிறவள்) கணவன் (அல்லது ஆகப்போபவன்) வீட்டிற்கு வரும்பொழுது மாமியார் மற்றும் மருமகளின் மனநிலை மற்றும் அவர்களின் புரிதலை விளக்குகிறது. நகைச்சுவயாக. மிகும் யதார்த்தமாக. கண்டிப்பாக இவருக்கு தமிழ் திரையுலகில் நல்ல எதிர்காலம் இருக்கிறது. பார்கத்தான் போகிறீர்கள். முன்னர் இதை உரலுங்கள்..

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  1. I am a big fan of Balaji and naalaya iyakunar. His "Kadalil sothapuvathu eppadi" is awesome. He proved his talent by getting both "Best screenplay writer" and "Best Director" award in naalaya iyakunar. I thought he will win the title after watching "mittai veedu" but they did not select even for the 3rd place. Toy story 3 is now the 6th best film ever in IMDB. How to train your dragon won't win oscar.