Saturday, 29 January, 2011

Best and Worst of 2010..

Best and worst of 2010.. - This post is just my views on what I experienced last year. Anybody has difference in opinions, please do comment (Abuse words accepted. But no obscenity please :) ..). Those who agree too can comment. One more thing - This means that I read or saw or experienced this movie or book or joke in 2010 and they need not be published or released on 2010. First as usual let's start with worst of 2010. 

Worst novel..  - The worst novel I read in 2010 is Sydney Sheldon's "Are you afraid of the dark?". I suppose it was a bestseller at it's times. But when I read it now, I felt exhausted and bored. It was a normal Sheldon mystery with a woman.. Okay not alone, along with another woman fights against their stalkers and win. The base reason behind the stalking and way chapters are handled gave me yawning. May be because it was stereotypic, so that I may not liked it. But am sorry to say, Sydney is the author of the worst book I read in 2010.

Worst Answer.. - Reporter: "Why is the onion price hiking?" 

Tamilnadu C.M: "That you have to ask Periyaar only!!!!"

Reporter: :!#%@$@^&..

Worst Screenplay: The worst screenplay award goes to my favourite actor Kamal Haasan for "Manmadhan Ambu". Can there be this much confusion in continuing a story and on deciding which way to travel. When I finished seeing the first half of the movie, felt very happy that am going to have a treat in second half. Kamal proved it wrong and confused himself and all audience. sari sari Aanaikum adi sarukkum. Better luck next time Kamal Sir..

Worst Movie.. - The movie I feel like wasted 120 bucks is "The Expendables". I literally hated that movie. Gave me a head ache. Went along with all my room mates and none liked it. That's the beauty of the movie. Generally when I am not interested in a movie, I make fun of the movie and enjoy myself in theatre. This is the movie proved it false and made me really sick. Not even worth to see if translated and telecasted in Sun TV or K TV or Kalaignar TV or whatever TV. 

Worst Actor.. - Finally worst actor award. This goes to wanna be macho Surya sun of Sivakumar for his performance in "Singam". He was not at all suited for the role still he wanted to try. But miserably failed. I agree it's one of the hits of 2010. But Surya is declining in his curve to reach Kamal Haasan. Surya needs focus else he may also end up like Vijay (Ilaya thalapathi than). When Prakash Raj is ruling one side, Surya looks like a beginner in front of him. When he roars at Prakash I got irritated instead of enthusiasm. Surya, Please choose roles where you fit.. 

This is it for now Will post the best in next post..