Monday, 24 January, 2011


Aadukalam.. - The winning horse out of the three films released on Pongal. Rated high on all magazines. I happened to see this movie last Friday night with 3 of my Telugu Room mates. Normal tamil itself is different in written and spoken. Do I need to explain the difficulty in understanding Madurai slang. The three of them got the gyst of the movie and nothing more. First of all apologies to them for taking them to this movie. I felt it will be like Ajith or Vishal talking Tirunelveli slang by adding "Elae" at the end of the normal tamil Sentence. I experienced that in "Citizen" and "Thamirabharani". Coming back to Aadukalam, which has got more clarity in language.

K.P.Karuppu (Dhanush) is involved in Rooster fight (Seval sandaya than apdi surukkama sonen) along with his Guru Paettaikkarar. They have been successful throughout and had never lost a fight. The main rival for them is the Inspector General of police of that area. He wants to defeat Paettaikkarar party however, atleast once. In one of the tournaments, K.P.Karuppu, against the will of Paettaikkaarar, fights with an injured rooster, but still manages to win. There starts the ego fight and reveals Paettaikkarar's true colour which forms the rest of the story.

Story looks simple and straight. The way the director picturised the Madurai (Enga ooru doi..) and the characterisation makes you to get involved in the movie and gives a feel you are really witnessing everything happening on the screen. Tapsee fills the screen with her charm for some scenes and comes along with the story. But nothing much of a role to prove (asusual). 

I had a feeling second half is a bit out of control at few places and could have been better if cared more. However, hats off to Vetri Maran for giving a real Madurai natured movie differing from all Gunda movies potraiting a false feeling on Madurai. Poligalai nambaatheer.. Aadukalam parungal.. 

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  1. This is one of the best commercial movies ( not masala movies) ever made in tamil industry. I really didn't expect such a performance from Dhanush. A Flawless movie after a long time.