Sunday, 6 March, 2011

The Fighter..

The Fighter.. - Before getting into review, my thanks to Arunachalam alias Dexter for making me go to this movie this weekend. Since I was not so sure about the movie (though Christian Bale got the oscar), I decided "Ok.. let me see what Roger Ebert says". Typed and read the review for "The Fighter" by Roger Ebert. Ebert, since being a high level critic and movie reviewer for a long time, and would have seen lots of Boxing movies, gave just 3 out of 5.

With a mixed expectation, I reached theatre 5 mins late. Nothing much missed as we all know, Oscar winning and nominated movies start slow (moving um slow than).In the opening few scenes, David O.Russell (avaru than diretakkar), shows characterizations of family members of Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg). A wanna-be-worldchampion-but-miserably-failed brother, Dicky(Christian Bale), interested in money and not so caring mother cum manager and a gang of sisters. Mickey is a sincere Boxer, but since his misrupted family runs his career too, he's unable to come up. A sample incident where Dicky makes Micky, a low weight boxer to fight against a medium weighter and makes him bed-ridden.

In a petty theft, Dicky goes to jail. Under these circumstances, being free from all non senses, Mickey, with the help of his Girlfriend and some new trainers, gets along well. Dicky realizes his fault in prison on seeing his documentary portraying him as a boxer turned drug addict. Micky wins an important match with the tricks Dicky taught him when everything else fails. At this time, Dicky gets released, but Micky unable to take him as trainer back due to his agreement with new management. This is more than enough of story and rest should be seen on screen.

Though an English movie, I was able to connect well with small sarcasms and emotions bound across characters. Being real life story, it makes me feel real. I couldn't resist myself getting to the edge of the seat for the last fight (unmayave nalla fight pa.. Akira crane kediyathu, rope kediyathu.. kutthu kutthu kummangutthu than).

Most important thing that amazed me in this movie is Christian Bale's performance. Man! what an acting. Have you seen Bale as a masculine, super hero in Dark Knight. Then you have a treat in this movie. I remember Tom Hanks in "The Philadelphia" when I saw Bale on screen as "Dicky Eklund". If you are a die hard fan of Bale, don't miss this one and regret later. 


  1. evlo appearance change aagirukan la christian bale? indha movie la ..

    avanoda fan nee.. avanoda name spelling christian, christain ipdi neraya maathite irukiye blog la

  2. Asingappadithitingle Mr.Vignesh.. Adikumbothe yosichen.. Seri mathiruvom..