Monday, 7 March, 2011


Language.. - It' s been a long time there was some social content in this blog making this more of a "Movie review" platform. Wanted a change. The thing am going to discuss has been wandering in my mind for a long time. Tamilians could remember a comedy from movie "Thirumalai" (aang antha elavu thalapathi padam thaan). Vivek and Vijay will take diversions countlessly and at last reach Tirupati. The post is not about the movie or tirupati. It's about a dialogue Vivek says.

"Enna da jilebiya picchu potrukanga?". Translating that - That actor criticizes the script of the language by comparing it to Jilebi (a sweet spiral in shape). Everyone of us might have laughed atleast only once at it. Some days back, during dinner, my room mates (all telugu guys) were discussing about routes written in Chennai buses. One guy said it looked like Jilebi to him. Exact same comparison of what's made in the comedy said above.

Both Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh reside in India. Still we criticize each others written forms. We, tamilians go one more step and call telugu guys "Gulute (reverse of telugu)". Before writing this blog I saw a video of Kamal Haasan telling English has almost become our national language. At this moment I feel we have two options for National language to make country a better place.

1. English
2. Silence

I prefer the latter..


  1. nicely said.. we Indians mostly use and damage the ones which British left when they left India in 1947. Few among the most precious things english people gave us are.. 1) their language 2) railways :) and we use and damage both

  2. Well said.Great wrap up too.
    Starts with Telegu n Tamil is Tamil(City) n Tamil(villages).. and wat next Tamil in Mylapore and Tamil in Tambaram??.never ending.Lets make life simple!!