Monday, 28 December, 2009


Avatar.. - During the christmas weekend, I have decided to see a new movie.. that too in theatre.. I called my friend, we discussed on all possible choices. He rejected "3 Idiots" since its hindi (avan thi.ka lam illa.. Hindi puriyathu pavam..). So we were stuck with avatar and decided to go on Sat morning. As usual we got up later and pushed the plan to afternoon. After lunch we started and inquired in the Tea shop near the bus stop "When's the next bus?". It seemed to take more than an hour within which movie would have crossed 20 mins. So we again pushed to evening.

At last, in the evening, we boarded a bus by 4:45, reached the theatre by 5:30 because of Driver's supernatural driving. There was a big blow waiting. Ticket is One Hundred bucks.. We thought a second to go back. But the only reason we came all the way is to see this movie in 3D. That's happening only in that theatre in Maduari.  So we apologised the sinners and bought the ticket and also the black glass while entering.

Movie started by 6. Everybody started seeing through the black glass. The persons started appearing realistic.
My back seat was completely excited like kids ("macha sooper da.. Ellamae pakkathula theriyuidhu ra" ).

The plot of the movie is as simple as it. A vice versa of normal alien movies.

Normal Alien movies - Aliens are bad. Coming to destroy human kind. Humans protect themselves and hit back.

Avatar - Humans are bad. Going in search of a rare mineral in a land Pandora. Those aliens protect themselves with the help of a human turned avatar.

What's so exiciting about the movie is its 3 dimensional visual treat. Simply superb and mind blowing. Gives you a completely different experience.

What's disappointing is the weak plot. At last, I am confused whether the motive is to get the minerals or to demolish Jake ( the human turned avatar who leads the Aliens ).

However even there are flaws in the plot, to appreciate a decent effort and to have a new digital experience, give this a shot. Never ever see this in 2D screens or DVDs. Go see in a 3D screen for the real experience..


  1. ya .. seeing in 3d theatre will be the best choice avatar's efforts are for technical work and not for story.. few movies can be watched for such efforts and i guess avatar is one among them..
    i dint watch the movie yet... running outta cash.. here 3d theatre ticket is double than urs... 200 bucks... have to watch on jan if friends accompany