Friday, 11 December, 2009

King of comedy..

King of comedy – Athukku than comic sans font.. Ithu epdi irukku!!! Ok.. What’s King of comedy? No.. no not me..  Antha alavukku tharperuma pidicchavan naan illa.. Ok Coming back to the point.. “King of comedy” is a comedy celluloid from my favorite “Martin Scorcesse”. Yeah.. The same person who directed “The Aviator”, “The Departed” and more importantly “TAXI DRIVER”.

Man.. What can’t this guy do!!! He has once again proved that he’s a master of different tastes. Film stars Scorcesse’s old time favorite Robert De Niro (Ippo aala maatthittaru “De caprio”) along with real King of Comedy “Jerry Lewis”. But with  touch of Martin (Scorcesse naan apdi than sellama koopduvaen..).

Martin gives different flavors that is contradictory to their until now roles of De niro and Jerry. De niro is packed  with full of comic jelly and Jerry with a tight face (Bad ass..). Jerry stars as “Jerry” hosting a talk show. A famous talk show like “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” (athaan nammalu Yugi  Sethu copy adiccharae “Nayy..yyaaan..diii tharbaar.. nu). De niro also wants to be a stand up comedian and meets Jerry with the help of a girl who makes a mess by getting into the car of Jerry when he rushes out of studio.

Jerry, like treating all others, takes him light and gets the resume and never calls back (namma TCS.. CTS maari.. Intha paavam lam ungala summa vidaathu da.. Indian Manorama maari padikkanum). But De niro takes it as an insult and takes revenge. Not like Thiruppacchi revenge. Instead he kidnaps Jerry with the help of the gal who helped him in first scene. Whats his demand and whether it gets fulfilled forms the rest.

What makes this movie special?
1.     Jerry in serious role..
2.    De niro in comic role..
3.    Ofcourse Martin..
4.    The real time events that happens to whoever desires to be a celebrity

And many more… Am pretty much sure that you will feel this movie definitely comic enuf and moving..
Martin never fails (except “After Hours”) .. So do give it shot.. Of course torrent is available for free..

What say??


  1. i realized very late that u r talking abt a movie. i guessed that it would be about some person, some book and then atlast came to know that its a movie. ok will watch.. :) i need ur brain to watch. lend me

  2. I think you simply meant - "Post is confusing"..
    Gotcha.. :) And am sorry that I can't lend you my brain coz I don't have one..

  3. either of these two - either ur post is confusing or am unaware of movies.. i think 2nd one :)

  4. 2 things amazed me in this post! --

    1. I read about Jerry lewis, again i read about jerry that he is a great comedian... he did serious role in this film ? interesting :)

    2. I have seen some films of martin but nothing is a comedy one that is also good

    - Nice post tambi