Tuesday, 7 December, 2010

Ciudad de Mexico..

Ciudad de Mexico.. - Literally meaning "City of Mexico". Out of the things I experienced in Mexico I ought to mention two things here. No not the girls :)
1. The Subway transport which covers the entire city with 10 tracks.
2. The light show for the revolution day held at "Zocalo".

Subway - The entire mexico city is covered with Subway ("Metro train"). They have ten tracks by which entire city is interconnected. You can enter the station with 3 pesos, change any number of stations, change tracks, until you come out you wont be charged again. You can travel from north corner to south corner with these trains. But watch your back. As it is cheaper, its crowded too. I used to board at "Insurgentes", then change track at "Balderas" to travel towards "Universidad", reach "Coyoacan", and then walk two minutes to office. The image here shows the map of the entire network which they call "Sistema de Transporte Colectivo". This is one of the similarities with India. One more is crowded stations..

Zocalo light show - This is to celebrate their revolution day and goes on for a week. This is a light show held ina huge open space with two cathedrals on three sides with an open space in fourth. The picture you are witnessing in left is not a picasa designed one. It is one of the colour combinations for the cathedral during the show. It starts with how Mexico was before Spanish rule, how Spanish conquered and how Mexico became free again. Obviously I didn't understand the narration since it was in quick spanish but I could recognise what was happening there. Unfortunately we were unable to see the ACT performed on the stage due to distance. But the light show paid the pain of standing one and a half hours. One more additional info - Mexico celebrates 200 years of Independence on 2010!!! Adios....

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  1. nice written about your experience.. but you should have also written about the mountain dive, climate, first time flight , airports etc or atleast about the "smooching" audience like me expect those things ... :)