Saturday, 11 December, 2010


Neelathamara.. - First I get the song "Anuragavilochananayi.." (roughly translating "became a lover"..) from my colleague. Then decided "Okay let's give the movie a try" (almost first malayalam movie in malayalam. Have seen "Unmai" but in tamil!). She got the movie in a pendrive. Due to problems in my USB, I changed port by port to make the drive read and transfer the movie (ooofff. done). Within half an hour smelt something is burning. Nothing in stove. Then I realised my SMPS is burning. OMG... Fixed that one too. After all these struggles started movie by evening 7. Just a try. But worth a try.

I have (actually had) a bad opinion on Malayalam movies that they portray only sad side of life that too in an irritant manner. Neelathamara created a very good impact on malayalam movies in me. The movie starts in real time and switches to flash back in some time.

Story is nothing but the story of a very commonly found, poor, no-other-go, its-all-fate maid servant  very well exploited by the so called "Master of the house". Kunjimalu arrives at the house of Maluty amma to serve as a servant. Maluty amma is a widow mother and her son is both villain as well as hero of this movie. More than this nothing much to say and should not.

But what I like about the movie : The way it was taken and locations shot. The climax showing what will happen in real life if a servant maid is being used and left. The repetition of sequences and their meaning in that situation. For example the thing that "Third step is broken and makes sound". This small piece of information is used well in the movie. Also the dialogues. Without much explaining and making you understand what's the real meaning. See whether you get something from below dialog:

Kunjimalu: What does "Safe" mean in English?
Sharda ammini: As of I know it means slab where you keep clothes. My brother in law teaches me sometimes (smiles).

If you could get the two hidden meanings about two poor maids, you get the movie.

I liked "God of small things" by Arundathi Roy and also this movie. What about you?

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