Tuesday, 28 December, 2010

Rajnikanth alias Magnetism..

Rajnikanth alias Magnetism.. -

While having dinner my room mate suddenly asked
"Why is Rajnikanth having fame till date!"

I said "I don't know"

He said "Take Chiranjeevi, he lost fame some time back. People were criticizing when he acted with Shreya.. Same Rajni does People clap"
"May be hes got some attraction"
"That's what am asking what's that attraction?"
"You know what. At starting he was a villain. People liked him more of a villain than a hero. Slowly a villain turned Hero and resulted in Rajniknth."
"That's fine. You know NTR, (after that he said some kaala jaala something in telugu.. Don't remember it). That kind of an actor and fame. Even people forgot him after he became aged. If Rajni's movies running only in tamil, I can say only in TamilNadu he's famous. Mine is a small town. Even big telugu heroes films wont run for 100 days.But Narasimha (he means "Padayappa") 100 days. Chandramukhi 100 days. What's the attraction with this guy even after 60 years."

Dinner was over. I said "I don't know.." I really don't know..


  1. really true.. vaseegaran.. vashee...

  2. only very personalities have that facial arts, Rajini know his capability and choose roles accordingly. May be that i s the secret of his success