Sunday, 3 April, 2011

Kulla nari koottam..

Kulla nari koottam.. - My brother has downloaded the copy of this movie and have been trying hard to see that movie the same night. Literally not interested with the cast and everything, I started seeing this movie so that it helps as a catalyst to induce sleep (paakum bothu 12 maninga..). But it turned out to be different and made me to get into it and I finally finished it full.

The story looks like its inspired from "Boss Alias Baskaran". Whoever not interested in that sort of movies, please don't see. Hero as usual is a vetti officer and roams around Madurai. Accidentally he recharges 1500 rupees for a number instead of his father's. As you have guessed it's the heroine's number and in sometime "Start music". 

Heroines father wants hero to become a police official to marry his daughter. Hero's father literally hates Policemen. Rest of the story forms how it turned out to be. The movie was a decent entertainer and made me felt bad for not seeing this one in Theatre. For seeing Ravan, Singam in theatres, I felt ashamed for not seeing this one. If you wish to see, please do see in a theatre..

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