Sunday, 10 April, 2011

Real life inception..

Real life inception.. - I was walking with my mom.. She was unable to walk. Steps were too steepy. Already she got knee pain. It was getting severe. So I started walking, taking her in my arms. Two steps up. My mom disappeared. I was really stunned. Searched to and fro. Couldn't find anywhere. Started crying big time. Still no trace.

My mom woke me up. "Go brush your teeth". I was stunned to see her normal. That too we were climbing no steps. She screamed " What you are pale like you have seen a ghost. Go brush and come. Dosa is hot." I started telling my mom What I was experiencing. She laughed and said "You must be dreaming".

Cell phone beeped. Got angry that somebody is messaging at early morning 8 o clock :). Tiredly browsed my inbox. My sister "Hari is not here. Who will book tickets for you?". I jumped out of the bed, booted my brother's lap top, tried logging in https:\\ Asusual "Service Unavailable". I tried tatkal ticket for 12th night form Madurai to Chennai. Tried hard. When service was available. 112 were already waitlisted. This is nio dream!!!


  1. First para is a dream within dream.. Second para is a dream.. Third para is real life.. Artham aavuthundha.. inka ledha??

  2. But the thing is it really happened last sunday..

  3. artham ayindhi :) gr8 u experienced it :)