Saturday, 28 May, 2011

Kung fu Panda 2..

Kung fu Panda 2.. - Who is PO? What's bothering his inner peace? That's it. That's the movie. Looks small and not so interesting? Dream Works makes it interesting. This time with the "Now so common" 3D experience. Po, the dragon fighter and his team of five are back, this time with a huge target of saving China and the martial art Kung Fu from the peacock king "Shen".

Peacock king "Shen" creates a mammooth, metal spitting, "I don't know how to name it" kind of a special weapon. He tries to conquer China and to destroy Kung fu. The only person who can stop him from dong this is none other than the Dragon warrior Mr.Po. Does he stop him? Enjoy it with the 3D experience.

The story being simple, the movie is bing made special by the characterization of each character and the naturally comedy tinted dialogues. Po, does all the stuffs that Vijayakanth do. From stopping the bullet spitted towards him to reverting it to the same person it came from. But what makes him special is that he does it with the style of Rajnikanth. With the fun and the depth you are pulled into that character, it makes you feel it real.

You want to find your inner peace in 3D? See Kung fu Panda...

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  1. waiting to see this film... the best i guess.. should see it before cars2 ..