Saturday, 21 May, 2011

Pirates of the Carribean - On Stranger tides..

Pirates of the Carribean - On Stranger tides.. - I saw all the three prequels together on the same day this year. Regretted how did I miss Jack Sparrow these many years. So when announcement came the fourth part is coming May 20, I decided am gonna see it in the big screen. This time double delight with 3D..

Booked in PVR and summoned there at the right time. They delayed half an hour and started the movie by 2 P.M. Fun started when Jack Sparrows was summoned in court but when they removed the cuff it was Gibbs. The story is nothing but seeking the "Fountain of youth" and collecting the needed to achieve that. Barbossa, Black beard along with Jack and Angelica (Jack's old time girlfriend :)) and a Spanish crew. Who got the "Fountain of youth" and how frames the story.

As usual Jack Sparrow was adorable with obvious wit and charm. Penelope cruz, being in the first time in a Pirates venture, did her job as a beauty doll (bit older beauty, tamil la muthirkanni). Everybody else did their part well enough. But still it is not enough for the audience.

Being the fourth and the 3D version of the Pirates sequels, expectations being so high, it is possible that the film may miserably fail and there were lots of examples for that. Pirates didn't fail miserably but is a bit disappointing. Story line really being a thin line and a somewhat weak screenplay makes the movie quite boring. For those who haven't seen the first three parts, it may be more disappointing. For Jack Sparrow and the somewhat ok 3D experience you can see it once in big screen.

Kurippida Thaguntha vasanam (Noteable dialogue):

Angelica: Why is it we can never meet without you pointing something at me? 


  1. nee romba expectation oda poitiyo enamo

  2. Ilada unmayave avlo nalla illa..

  3. Very average story compared to it's previous parts. but worth watching Jack Sparrow in 3D.