Monday, 30 May, 2011

Rajni - A human being..

Rajni - A human being.. - After Rajni has fallen sick, there have been many unnecessary activities carried out by his fans or whoever it is. I am reading somebody commited suicide since Rajni is sick, though am not sure what the real motive was. After all these, I hear people saying "Why all these non sense for a cinema actor? Why do we care? What has he done for this society?". Some even say "Why do you guys bother even if he dies?"

I understand all the nonsenses that are happening are nonsenses. But "Why do we care?". Because he's a human being. Like us. With flesh and blood. We are sentimental. We cry when somebody dies. But that's the way it is.

When we see in T.V. that some where near Atlantic ocean, a flight crashed, we feel sorry for that. When we see somebody with a kid in hand in the bus, we give our seat for the to sit. When Rajnikanth is sick and everybody is showing interest on how his health is, why do we wonder! Why do we need to criticise! Again I say, He's also a human being.

If people pray for him, let them pray. If their prayer is blessed, it has saved a human's life.A family's happiness. A society's happiness. Let him live long. I will pray for it. 

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