Friday, 20 November, 2009

Ek Niranjan..

Ek Niranjan.. - A Telugu movie. My sister was asking me some telugu movies. So I started searching in net. Since this flick is the recently released one, I got a torrent and sent to my sister. My bad.. Me too started downloading.. 7 hrs.. Hot and spicy Ek Niranjan ready..

Last sunday my brother came to my room and he was sleeping in the afternoon. Okay.. Bo...ring.. I started seeing E...K Niranjan..

You folks got any idea why the name EK Niranjan.. Following is the reason..

Amma ledhu... nana ledhu.. Akka jalli thambi ledhu.. E......K Niranjan..

As you guys could have guessed from that, hes an anaadha in telugu.. in tamil anaadhai.

Here's the historically important plot. The hero was kidnapped when he was small and made to beg in streets by a local goon.. not even goon.. a dakota rowdy. When police comes in search for that guy our chotu (athaan hero peru.. Niranjan nu mudhallayae theriyum.. aana kadaisila thaan solluvom.. Su.. r p.. rise...) rats him out and cops catch him. For that the policeman rewards him. From that onwards he started catching criminals and surrenders them to police (what a ma..n!!).

Next we need a heroine.. A small hitman's sister. Our hero rats him out. Then what.. Love..
Both of them starts dancing in foreign locations and starts enjoying. The dakota goon our hero ratted out long back comes out. Hero begs him about his origin (indha pillaikkullayum aetho irundhirukku paaraen..). He denies. At last suddenly, quite suddenly when he was about to tell the truth.. dishkiyaan.. shot dead.

Apuram kathi epdi epdilamo poguthu. Enga poguthu? Bangkok poguthu. Since the heroine's brother flies to Bangkok to escape from villain, hero also flies. Passport! (Niranjanukku athi avasram ledhu..). Anga thaan kadhailayae oru twistu.. Mandiriya konnadhu heroinr annan illa, mandhiriyoda thambi..

What mandhiri? what murder? That alone am leaving out. If anyone has the guts to see the movie, please go ahead and reveal the secret in the comment section.

Who dares dies!!!!!!!


  1. nee petra thunbam naanum peranuma? adhan movie paaka sonniya?