Saturday, 14 November, 2009

Schindler's List..

Schindler's List.. - Which would have the best movie in my previous post if I had seen it before writing it. A Stephen Spielberg movie. A war time movie. A Hitler concentraton camp based movie. But a different one from all other films of its genre.
It would have not been the best, if it had only concentrated on the lives lost on the Hiltler's arrogance. Rather it concentrates on the lives saved. There lies the success of this masterpiece. The real success..
Oskar Schindler, as all other businessmen, wants to make use of the war and makes a fortune out of it. Hires Jews in Poland for an enamelware company, only because they are of less wages. That too mostly unskilled labours who come2 bucks less than the skilled ones. How his selfishness grows out to be the welfare of more than 1100 jews forms the rest of the story.
The dialogues are the powerful elements for a movie and Spielberg handles them well. Few examples,
Amon Goeth (German Officer): They are afraid of us since we have the power to make them dead. That is Power.
Oskar Schindler: You have all the justifications to kill them, but you don't. That's Power. That is Power.
Also Spielberg gives you the real situations with skins peeled off. A Jew engineer tells a German officer that the way the basement being poured is not correct. The officer orders to kill her. Then rebuilds it as she said. Right or Wrong - they are not the one's to decide.
But this movie doesn't simply show people killed in millions in Gilletin. It shows a 1100 lives survived the six crucial years of human history because of one man - Oskar Schindler.
At last Oskar says " I could have got more out".. The same feeling you will have at the end of the movie.
I had.. u???

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