Sunday, 29 November, 2009

Two States..

Two states.. - I have decided not to write on anything else until I finish up with the series I started in the last post. But Two states made me to change it. Usually I won't write on a book until its fully done. This is also changed by Two states. But in a different way.

Two States is the recent novel by India's best selling English novelist (I wonder how!) Chetan Bhagat. Chetan Bhagat has almost torn apart Tamilians and Punjabis. I think he had some bad experience in Chennai and took it for granted to criticise tamilians. I don't know how much he knows about tamilians and tamilnadu, but whatever it is am sorry Mr.Bhagat, its wrong.

Pardon me for the following offensive language. This is a line from the book. So am not responsible. An auto driver says to the lead of the story Krish - "en poola oombuda". I guess this has happened to the author himself. I apologize if its so. But it seems only keeping that in mind, Chetan started writing this story.

Sarcasm - accepted. But it has got a limit. Chetan thinks all tamilians alike. In the story those who wont eat meat or drink are supposed to be out of mind! The Punjabi who rescues Krish from the auto drivers in this story thinks so. I could give a few examples over here for chetan's cheap sarcasm.

"The first thing I noticed is almost 90 percent had dabbed talcum that gave a grey skin tone. I could understand why fair and lovely was invented. I couldn't understand why people wanted to be so fair." - No one wanted that Mr. Bhagat. It's caught because of few NRI's dirty look on our dark complexioned people. I have seen people who don't even want to stand beside dark complexioned people. That should have hurt them. Poor bunnies.

" I saw the city. It had usual elements like autos,etc.. But something felt different. First the sign in every shop was in Tamil. The Tamil font resembles those optical illusion puzzles.. "
- what a discovery Mr. Bhagat!IN Tamilnadu you saw Tamil boards! What you expected other than that I couldn't understand.

"The hero's pictures make you feel even your uncles can be movie stars. The heroes are fat, balding, have thick moustaches and the heroine next to them is ravishing. May be my mother has a point in saying tamil women have a thing for North Indian men."
Heroes are not the only tamilians chetan. By the bolded letters what you meant to say?

The final one is the most irritating one. "The Tamil sense of humour, if there is any, is really an acquired taste".
Our humour is far better than your cheap, silly sarcasms Chetan.

At the page of 82, I could find these many (I took only few) unacceptable phrases. I couldn't imagine how many will be in the following pages. This is simply stupidity. Chetan has got the impression whatever he writes people are here to accept and laugh at his mannerless, cheap sattires.

We are not of that kind Mr.Bhagat. Are we?


  1. yes da cant help but notice too much exaggeration
    in the name of humour against tamils , it shows how lil he knows bout the ppl down south

  2. Thanks for the blog first to Balaji...
    I m getting some info too...
    but u know we cant change these ppl...
    they used to say idiotic explanation to their points... sometimes it sounds funny too :P