Sunday, 13 September, 2009

21 Grams - Reloaded..

As I got comments on this post as its confusing, am posting it again with changes.
21 Grams - The movie I was longing to see, but forgot. First of all I want to thank "" for remembering me this flick. In one of their "Inspired from" posts, I noticed "Sarvam" is a remake of "21 Grams". Whether I got the desire to see Sarvam or not, I wanted to see "21 Grams" desperately.
Since I ve seen Alejandro Gonzalez's (director) other two movies "Babel" and "Amores Perros", I expected a different screenplay and a raw depiction of human feelings. So did Alejandro.
Story starts with Naomi Watts and Sean Penn lying naked in bed (aay!! 2 second thaan). Then the scenes start flashing in different time zones like "Aayutha ezhuthu".
Story of three different persons, three different timelines connected by an accident is portrayed.Del Toro, an ex CONMAN makes an accident in which Naomi Watts husband and two daughters dies. Sean Penn is a patient in an urgent need of a heart transplantation gets the heart of Naomi's husband. Then he goes in search of the owner of his heart and why he died.
The rest I dont want to disclose as I know this is more than enough.
Alejandro portrays the difference between life and death and their impacts on humans. Dialogues, the most powerful tools, he uses.
Naomi's father says as she lost her husband "Whathever may happen life has to go on"
Naomi asks her father "I was wondering How can u laugh and be normal after mom's dead. Isn't it a lie? Life doesn't just go on."
Del Toro's wife wants him out of prison and to be back normal again.
Del Toro: "I was a pig back then. Do you want me to be like that again"
Del Toro's Wife: "Atleast you were yourself and I knew who u were?. Life should go with or without god."
I have seen "Sarvam" as its said to be the remake of "21 Grams". But No comments...

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  1. reason for naming that movie as "21 grams" is...

    the difference in the weight of human body before and after death will be 21 grams it seems.
    i heard so..