Sunday, 6 September, 2009

Copy Cats..

My brother's joke(s) got published in the tamil Magazine Kungumam (hoo.. hoo.. at last a recognition..) . So to read it and or atleast say to my brother that I read it (!!!!), I bought this weeks edition which I wont usually do. After seeing the joke, I started ogling the pages with another eye on PC.
Suddenly an article attracted me. That was about a rehabilitation of a drunkard from a life he almost lost. One of the best ones I ve read recently. So I gave it a serious thought and read few more articles. Then came the one titled "11 ways to get sacked". Something was tickling inside, like "Raghavan's instinct" (am a kamal faaaan...).

Atlast I found what was it. I ve seen that same article with same title in a Magazine called "Men's Health" which was lying untouched in our room. For this when I referred back, I was shocked. That article came in 2007 in Men's Health (ada paavigala..).

Even for a small article do we need to copy? That too by the same magazine which published a damn good piece few pages before. Its not about only that Magazine. Our great legends are also Copycats.

For example I heard "Taxi Taxi" song in Arabic in Spencers..

Ya know What I mean!!!!!
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  1. As an Indian, we have lot of achievements to show. Lot of good people, who lived in our country like Gandhi, mother Teresa, kamarajar, etc.

    But we are yet to get the original music & film. I'm not trying to say, we don’t have original music and film. We have. But 30% is original the remaining 70% is the copy -- it’s really very sad for India!

  2. thx for sharing this website bala

  3. my friend !!!! thanks for your comment on Taxi Taxi .... I personnally ll never accept the fact that ARR has copied ... Kindly post the name of that arabic song or atleast the singer ... Dont post unconfirmed news ....

  4. Right.. Should not post unconfirmed news. Thats y I didn't mention the name!!!!!