Saturday, 26 September, 2009

Junk Mail..

Junk Mails - I hope many of you also might have recieved these kinda craps in your mail inbox.
I got two such mails today. Both of them are much profitable ones.

The sender of one mail awarded me 1 million dollars simply for having an email id. The other offering me a once in a life time chance to grab another deceased person's unclaimed wealth. We will see them in brief.

First one is from South Africa, from the Seceratary of 2010 World cup- South African lottery and gambling association. They are generously offering me 1 million dollars since I have my mail id.
They have randomly did a shuufle and when they saw whos the winner.. Guess who!!!!!

Accustomed to their strict rules and regulations, they immediately mailed me to collect my prize money (woo. woo..) by replying them with aaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllll my details.

Second one- much funnier than this. The branch manager AMalgamated Bank, South Africa (a..gain..) mailed to me claim for the account of deceased of 09/11 WTC attack.
He also mentioned that he chose me after a lllloooong consideration . They also have rules and regulations.
According to their bank rules an unclaimed money will go to Bank's treasury. He wants me to claim and own that money. He also mentioned if I am not interested, I can ignore this mail. (What else can I do!!!!!).
This post is to offer all those who are reading the two do-not-miss chances. Whoever wants these unclaimed and lottery money can mail to my mail id personally (with no cc or bcc).
I do have rules.
1. Only one offer to one person or mail id.
2. If you have more than one mail id, mail from those seperate mail ids and claim.
(Note: both should be from different websites .,
3. By any chance you get any money, Ther is a commision of 20% of this money to me.
Who dares wins......

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