Monday, 7 September, 2009

50 First Dates..

To Start with- Theres a promise a certain group of guys should make.. Nothing big.
The Group - Those who have seen the tamil movie தீபாவளி.
The Promise - " I will see 50 First Dates within my Lifetime".

There by you ll come to know how to spoil a nice concept by stretching it to 2 and a half hours.

Here We go..
50 First Dates - (Not First 50 Dates!!) is a movie about a girl who lives everyday the same. Mmm.. Lemme put it this way.
Story of a girl who loses all her day's memory on the same night. (ayyo paa..vamm..)

Story starts with lotsa women admiring about Adam Sandler and the reasons he tells to escape from calling them again ( as usual). He meets Lucy (Drew Barry more.. the same cute little girl you saw in E.T (Extra Terrestrial.. Brackettukkulla bracketta!!)).. in a restaurant.

As he does to every girl he he starts hitiing on her. She also falls for that. Both flirts..
Then she leaves..

Next day- He goes to continue firting. She repels. There he comes to know from the lady owner of the restaurant about Lucy's short term memory loss (ohio gajni.. ohio Gajni..).. She remembers things only upto the day she met with accident which fortunately or unfortunately being her father's birthday.

Then displays her daily routine. She goes home to celebrate her father's birthday (which she daily does). She asks him to watch a game that was scheduled the day she met with accident. She presents her father the "Sixth Sense" and watches it along with her father and brother.
She shows surprise when she comes to know that "Bruce Willis is a ghost!!" (in Sixth Sense).
Which is quite normal to her family since they are not Gajnis..

Even after knowing all these, as a normal hero does, Adam Sandler goes for Luci. Every day hes gotta make her like him. There starts 50 First Dates.

Whats amazing about the movie is everything is light and calm. Comedy, Romance, Sentiment - everything. The ways Sandler tries to impress Drew makes you laugh as well as cry.
Peculiar and suporting characters like Lucy's Brother and "10 Seconds Tom (loses memory every 10 seconds)" makes the movie interesting..

Enuf about that.. Go catch it.. (especially those who have seen தீபாவளி.. தீபாவளி..)


  1. will watch . have not watched deepavali :D

  2. deepavali pakama neyala edukuda uyiroda iruka :)